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SimpleSEO Rank Checker Training Videos

The videos below demonstrate how to use the SimpleSEO Rank Checker. For a detailed description of the various functionalities, please take a look at the user manual.

Click here to download the SimpleSEO Rank Checker User Manual

Video 1: Basic Functionalities

This video shows the most basic functionalities provided by the SimpleSEO Rank Checker. You will learn how to:

  • Add new ranking projects
  • Add urls and keywords to a specific ranking project
  • Automatically add url / keyword pairs using the web spider tool
  • Retrieve Google and Yahoo rankings for individual keywords or entire ranking projects
  • Generate a simple text report or a more advanced PDF ranking report with graphical charts.

Video 2: The Scheduler

This video demonstrates how to use the automatic rank retrieval scheduler and how to configure individual ranking projects in order to automatically retrieve Google and/or Yahoo rankings for some or all of your keywords.

Video 3: The Alert System

This video shows how to use the automatic alert system of the SimpleSEO Rank Checker which allows you to receive an email alert whenever the ranking position of one or more of your keywords either drops below a specific position or rises above a specific position.

Video 4: The Settings Window

This video shows how to use the various settings and parameters provided on the settings window.

Video 5: Url & Keyword Import

This video explains the different possibilities on how to quickly and easily import urls and keywords to your ranking reports.

Video 6: Proxy Goblin Connector for the SimpleSEO Rank Checker

This Video shows how to connect Proxy Goblin with the SimpleSEO Rank Checker. Proxy Goblin is a software tool that allows to quickly and easily scrape and test a large number free and working proxies. If you aren't currently using Proxy Goblin, click here more details and information

Why Choose
SimpleSEO Rank Checker?
it saves you hours of doing boring, tedious and time consuming tracking tasks manually
get super fast and highly accurate ranking positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing
with the click of a button you can import hundreds of keywords for which you would like to evaluate ranking positions
you can create an unlimited number of ranking projects for your different websites
check your rankings in more than 150 different countries
the scheduler allows you to automatically retrieve daily ranking positions for all your pages without even lifting a finger
it immediately alerts you when any of your rankings drop
it also alerts you when your rankings reach a specific target position
create professional ranking reports in PDF format with graphical charts
export all your ranking history data as .csv file
use an unlimited number of proxies to retrieve ranking positions
define a maximum search depth, add a company logo to your ranking reports, customize your ranking charts...
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