A Revolutionary Website Monitoring & Rank Checker Tool

Create an unlimited number of ranking projects for all of your websites - this allows you to see exactly what's going on with all of your sites (or your client's sites) at any time..

Add hundreds and even thousands of page urls and keywords for which you would like to enable monitoring and ranking position retrieval - using the integrated web crawler.

Manually retrieve Google, Bing and/or Yahoo rankings either for individual keywords or for entire ranking projects...

...Or schedule the automatic retrieval of Google, Bing and/or Yahoo rankings for some or all of your projects on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The scheduler will automatically launch the application in the background, retrieve all the ranking positions according to your setup and save them for later retrieval.

Create either simple ranking reports in text format or professional PDF reports with graphical charts and detailed ranking history data ordered by date. Ranking reports can be generated with the click of a button for individual keywords or for all the keywords in a specific ranking project.

Use the integrated alert system to get an email alert whenever one or several of your rankings either drop below a specific position or rise above a specific position on Google, Bing and/or Yahoo.

That way you can immediately react and create more backlinks for dropping pages or stop your backlink building efforts for pages that reach a specific target position. - This allows you to maximize the income potential of your sites with a minimum amount of effort.

This Tool Will Make Your Life Just So Much Easier!
Watch The Video Below And See For Yourself...

Lay Back, Relax And Save Time And Money While This Amazing Software Handles All Important Tracking And Monitoring Tasks For You On Autopilot

Not only will this tool help you to save a lot of time and effort by constantly monitoring all of your websites and by immediately alerting you whenever something important happens, but it will also allow you to quickly and easily identify all those SEO and link building strategies that work like a charm and that bring in most of your money.

And All Of That Happens Fully Automatically And Behind The Scenes

...you simply add a new project (or website), save a few basic parameters and the SimpleSEO Rank Checker tool will do all the hard work for you. And whenever something important happens (like a drop of your rankings) you get an immediate email alert.

SimpleSEO Rank Checker Screenshot - Click the Image for More Screenshots

Note: The Rank Checker Software Tool is a PC Compatible Program. It will run on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 2000.

* Group Your Keywords Into Different Ranking Projects:

Well, obviously, this is a Rank Checker, so you can retrieve the current Google, Bing and Yahoo rankings for your keyword / Url lists. But, you can also group your keyword lists into specific projects.

You could for example create a project for each of your websites in order to keep your keyword lists and ranking history charts tidy and well organized. Or, if you have only one website, you could create one project for your product reviews, a second project for your other website articles and so on...

* Check Your Rankings In More Than 150 Different Countries:

Targeting a market in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the US...? The SimpleSEO Rank Checker allows you to evaluate the ranking of your web pages in more than 150 different countries.

* Automatic Keyword Import & Website Crawler:

Import hundreds of page urls and keywords with the click of a button using the integrated web crawler:

Copy/paste a list of urls and keywords to add them automatically
to a specific ranking project.

Spider any of your websites with the integrated website crawler in order to retrieve all web pages of your site together with the Meta keyword.

Import a list of urls and keywords from a .csv file.

Or simply provide your domain name and copy/paste a list of keywords for which you would like to retrieve Google, Bing and/or Yahoo rankings.

* Quick & Easy Retrieval Of Google, Bing And Yahoo Rankings:

You can select some or all of your keywords and retrieve only the Google ranking positions or only the Yahoo ranking positions or both (Google and Yahoo) ranking positions with the click of a button

* 1-Click Ranking Retrieval For a Specific Keyword:

This function allows you to quickly retrieve the Google, Yahoo, Bing or all of those rankings for only one specific keyword - without the need to fetch the rankings for the entire keyword list.

* Immediate Overview Of Ranking Improvements And/Or Declines:

Whenever you retrieve the current ranking positions for one or more keywords, you can see immediately and at a glance for which keywords the ranking positions have improved (compared to the previous ranking check) and for which keywords the positions have declined.

* Retrieve Google Page Rank Values For All Your Urls:

Retrieve Google PR values either for all selected urls at once or for individual urls.

* Scheduling And Automatic Retrieval Of Rankings:

Fully automate the retrieval of ranking positions on Google, Yahoo and/or Bing for some or all of your ranking projects.

The retrieval of ranking positions happens automatically and there is no need to launch the application or to keep it running - the Rank Checker starts automatically at the date and time you specify in the scheduler. You can schedule the retrieval of ranking positions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

* Automatic Email Alerts:

Receive email alerts whenever one or more of your keywords fall below or rise above a specific position target on Google, Bing and/or Yahoo.

Together with the scheduling feature this allows you to fully automate the tracking of your ranking positions: Your keyword rankings are retrieved automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and whenever one or more of your rankings drop or reach a certain position target you immediately receive an email alert.

This allows you to take immediate action and for example to build more backlinks for those keywords that drop out of the top 10 or to cut back on building backlinks for those keywords that make it into the top 5 - or whatever position target you specify.

Just sit back and relax - whenever something happens to your rankings, the Simple SEO Rank Checker will notify you immediately and you can take immediate action.

That way you save a lot of time and you don't risk losing any money on pages that drop out of the top rankings without you realizing it.

* Various Customization And Optimization Settings:

Maximum Search Depth: Define, up to what positions you would like to search on Google and/or Yahoo when retrieving your rankings.

Wait Between Searches: Pause your ranking retrievals for a certain amount of time and after a certain number of ranking search requests.

Add a Banner or Company Logo on top of the PDF Reports and define if the image should be shown on every page of your reports or only on the first page.

Customize the Graphical Ranking Chart on your PDF Reports: Display a chart area underneath the ranking curves, define if you would like to display only data for Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, or all of them, define how many ranking labels you would like to display on your charts...

* Proxy Support:

You can supply an unlimited number of proxies to retrieve ranking positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

* Order Your Ranking Results:

All results can be ordered by keyword phrase (alphabetically), by Google, Bing, Yahoo ranking positions...  - ascending or descending.

This makes it easier to select all those keywords that aren't doing so well and that require more work in order to rank higher - especially if your keyword list is very large.

* Quickly Retrieve The Ranking Positions For Related Keywords
That Aren't Currently In Your Keyword List:

Simply double click any of the keywords in your list, modify the keyword phrase and click the "Google Rank" button to retrieve the ranking position for this keyword.

For example, let's assume you have a webpage that is optimized for the keyword "Google Sniper 2 Review" and you want to know the ranking position of this page for the keyword " Google Sniper 2" or for the keyword " Google Sniper 2 Bonus" without actually adding those keywords to your project.

Simply double click the keyword " Google Sniper 2" - add the word "Review" or "Bonus" at the end of it and click the "Google Rank" button to retrieve the ranking.

* Backup and Restore:

Easily backup and restore all of your ranking projects and ranking history data.

* Professional Ranking Reports:

Create professional ranking reports for yout Google, Yahoo and/or Bing results in PDF format with graphical charts and exact ranking positions ordered by date. You can create a ranking report for an entire peoject (for all the keywords that are part of the project) or for a specific keyword.

Here is an example of such a ranking report (showing only Google and Yahoo data):

You also have the possibility to create simple ranking reports in .txt format - again, for an entire project or for an individual keyword:

And you can also export all your ranking data as .csv file for easy treatment in Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

"This Tool Beats All Other Rank Checkers I Have Been Using So Far..."
Honestly, this is the kind of a tool I was looking for. Considering the features of this software, I would strongly recommend any webmaster to own a copy of this tool.

I was using a couple of other similar tools in the past, but this one beats them in 2-3 areas. More or less, this tool has got everything one would want to check Google/Yahoo rankings of a website for respective keywords. The best part is, you can add as many websites as you want and get the rankings for any number of keywords for each of those websites.

Great stuff. Highly recommended!

Naraya N. (narayanan86 @ wf)

"Finally A Great Tool I Can Use For My Clients"
I love the scheduling feature of the rank checking software. I can set it and forget it, then come back weeks or months later and get a quick overview of what has happened and create reports for clients.

This software will save me so much time, and save me the tedium of doing this myself manually. Another thoughtful addition is the proxy support, we all know how google can stop you if you make too many requests.

This software is really tight. I am impressed that I was up and running within 2 minutes of watching the tutorial video.

Thank you for creating such a great tool.

Johnny N. (johnnyN @ wf)

"A Great Product - Easy To Use And With Lot's Of Great Features"
There are several things I really like about this tool. It's an 'at a glance' tool. I can see the report in it's entirety on any given URL on one page. The PDF Ranking Report (it also has a text report) is the other feature that has particular appeal to me. I can graphically see the 'history' of any of my URL's and keywords.

It's easy to set up, but might take a little time for those who have a gazillion URL's and keywords. My review test was only four sites, but its just that simple. Add a URL and one or several keywords and it's ready to go.

The accuracy of the site is verifiable as well. Just Google your keyword and Presto - there it is. If the Rank Checker indicates it's #9, it will be #9 in Google.

For me who is not very intuitive, the instructions and video were very precise and easy to understand.

Great product! Thanks.

Russ K. (russkampmann @ wf)

"If You're Into SEO, Then This Tool Is A Must"
Congratulations on a software of such superior quality! I'm honored to have been invited to take your SEO Rank Checker for a spin before the launch and I have been pleasantly surprised - *very* pleasantly surprised.

To my fellow warriors I'd like to say that, if you're into SEO, then this tool is a "must". If you're not checking your rank, you're missing the whole point of SEO, and Robert's SEO Rank Checker will make life a whole lot easier for you.

It's light-weight, easy to use and thorough. The generated reports are easy to read and you can see what's going on at a glance because of the charts. Checking your rank can actually become quite addictive with this tool.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a website. And, if you provide an SEO service, by using your smarts you could even generate a decent income with this software - or at the very least add a quality feature to your business.

Mari (myamada @ wf)

"I Highly Recommend This Tool Especially For All Webmasters"
I have the privilege to test this fantastic tool just before its launch and I can attest that this baby is a real time and money saver!

This tool will let you track and retrieve your Google and Yahoo ranking positions for all of your websites. Best of all you can do this for as many websites as you want.

My conclusion about this tool is that:

Anyone who is currently having multiple websites online and who are actively doing backlinking and search engine optimization really need the SimpleSEO Rank Checker.

You need it because you need to track and check which backlining strategy is working for you and which one is not. Without actively monitoring your link building campaign you could be wasting tons of your time and money.

I highly recommend this tool especially for all webmasters.

Good job Robert!

Zul (Qamar @ wf)

"This Tool Saves Me A Lot Of Time"
I've been using the Rank Checker software now for a few days, and what I really like about it is that it is very user friendly and easy to use and it just saves me so much time. I'll recommend this tool to everyone!

Herschel W. (Herschel-W @ wf)

"The Most Advanced Rank Checker I Have Ever Seen!"
I was fortunate to have early birds access to the Simple SEO Rank Checker and here are my thoughts. Simple SEO Rank Checker is a very light weight Windows software which allows you to keep track of your Google and Yahoo rankings.

I have personally found the interface at first to be a bit overwhelming due to the large amount of options available. This said, this software is arguably the most advanced rank checker I have ever seen and this translated into a complex interface.

Once you have got the hang of it Simple SEO Rank Checker is pretty much a set and forget system. You can schedule your ranking updates to be done at different time intervals and I have found this option very handy. There are also an alert option if you want to be notified when your rankings drops to a certain point.

And the reporting feature does an excellent job at generating custom graphic or text reports showing you or your clients your ranking progress over time. All in all, this is a very solid SEO software for anyone looking into a rank checker with advanced tracking option.

Bertrand D. (bertranddo @ wf)

As I already mentioned, successful Internet marketing is all about testing and tracking. And if you don't test and track the results of your marketing efforts and link building strategies you will not only waste a lot of time, but also a lot of money on marketing gimmicks and backlinks that simply don't work.

With The SimpleSEO Rank Checker
Tool You Can Avoid All The Hassle...

Organize your websites into different ranking projects and chose from over 150 different countries for which you would like to evaluate your rankings - this takes only a few minutes.

Retrieve Google, Bing and/or Yahoo rankings for some or all of your keywords on a daily basis - this happens fully automatically and you don't even need to start the tool.

Verify the detailed ranking history reports and the graphical ranking charts to determine which marketing strategies work and which ones don't work.

See at a glance which of your pages still require some work to rank higher...

If one or more of your keywords either drop below or rise above a specific position you get an immediate email alert.

In Other Words: This Rank Checker Tool Allows You To Save Time And Money And To Rank Faster And Higher With Less Effort

The Complete SimpleSEO Rank Checker Package

The SimpleSEO Rank Checker Software Tool with all the amazing features & functionalities as described above.

The SimpleSEO Rank Checker User Manual that explains step-by-step and in all details how to use the software tool.

Access to all the SimpleSEO Rank Checker Training Videos - watch how to get the most out of the Rank Checker tool and get started immediately.

Free lifetime updates for all future versions of the SimpleSEO Rank Checker tool.

My unconditional, no questions asked, 100% Satisfied or all your Money back Guarantee.

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As you probably already know, most of the Rank Checker tools out there are quite expensive and an online Rank Checking service will cost you even more, because you are billed on a monthly basis.

A Rank Checker Tool that more or less does the job and provides accurate ranking data typically costs between $67 and $97, an online service will cost you between $10 and $25 on a monthly basis!

On top of that, most of those tools don't even provide half of the features & functionalities you get with the SimpleSEO Rank Checker tool and some of the other tools are fairly complicated to use and it will take you much more time to setup your different ranking projects and to retrieve your ranking positions.

However, this offer won't last very long and the final price will be fixed at around $67 - which is still very cheap considering the value you receive.

I Recommend You Take Action Right Now As Long
As You Can Get The Tool For This Crazy Low Price!

New features and functionalities are added on a continuous basis and you
get free lifetime access to all future versions of this software tool.


To Your Success,

Why Choose
SimpleSEO Rank Checker?
it saves you hours of doing boring, tedious and time consuming tracking tasks manually
get super fast and highly accurate ranking positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing
with the click of a button you can import hundreds of keywords for which you would like to evaluate ranking positions
you can create an unlimited number of ranking projects for your different websites
check your rankings in more than 150 different countries
the scheduler allows you to automatically retrieve daily ranking positions for all your pages without even lifting a finger
it immediately alerts you when any of your rankings drop
it also alerts you when your rankings reach a specific target position
create professional ranking reports in PDF format with graphical charts
export all your ranking history data as .csv file
use an unlimited number of proxies to retrieve ranking positions
define a maximum search depth, add a company logo to your ranking reports, customize your ranking charts...
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